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Soccer is the world 's most magic of sports, is recognized as the world's first major sports , according to incomplete statistics , the world now regularly participate in the competition team of about 800,000 , about 4,000 athletes registered people , of which about 10 million people in professional athletes , avid football fans worldwide reached 800 million people, during the World Cup jerseys, the number of 20 million people watching , the number of global football industry engaged in up to 1 million people , and its influence around the world.

Football is an ancient sport , has a long history . Modern football originated in the United Kingdom, from the UK to Europe , from Europe to the world - modern football has become the world's most popular sport , football has become the world's first sport originated in ancient China a ball ! game " kickball " and later spread to Europe via the Arabs , to develop into a modern football. So, the home of football in China .

July 1958 , former President of FIFA , Dr. Joao Havelange to China when he said : football originated in China .
In 1985, China held the first " Kodak Cup" World Youth Championship opening ceremony, Mr. Havelange was FIFA president said in his speech , the sport originated here , and there are more than 2,000 years of history, this is undisputed . Then served as director of FIFA's technical committee , said Blatter , football originated in China , and later spread to the West through the war.
cheap world cup jerseys FIFA president Sepp Blatter made ​​the AFC Coach Training Course organized by " international football history report development ", the once again stressed: " Football originated in China ."

March 16, 2002 , Pele to visit China . Commissioned by the China Tourism Administration , Xuzhou Normal University sports historian Professor Liu Bingguo at the foot of the Great Wall of the Han Dynasty , Mr. Bailey arranged a kickball performances aroused great interest of Mr. Bailey , the spot he and former head coach of the Chinese football team Mr. Milutinovic join "performance ."

February 4, 2004 , Deputy Secretary of FIFA Jerome item campagne at a news conference held in London announced: "While many countries consider themselves the birthplace of football , but historians to exact evidence that football originated in China 's kickball . " May 8, 2004 , FIFA president Sepp Blatter to Kuala Lumpur to attend the 50th anniversary celebrations AFC , he made ​​it clear that when he met the Chinese delegation and 2014 world cup jerseys, through expert research , football originated in China , and issue a " football originated in China ," Chinese Football Association symbolic trophy . He also hoped that by 2004 China should Asian Cup machine, grand promote this concept.

May 8, 2004 , FIFA president Sepp Blatter made ​​it clear that : football originated in ancient China kickball . July 15, 2004 , AFC and FIFA Secretary General, Mr. Villepin on behalf of AFC , the football originated news conference held in Beijing Third China International Football Expo , held after the opening ceremony of China officially announced the origin of football .
July 15, 2004 , at the Third China Beijing International Football Expo opening ceremony, Mr Blatter FIFA President to visit the exhibition and Linzi Linzi antique kickball autograph .
May 20, 2005 , at the closing ceremony of FIFA's centenary celebrations held in Zurich, Switzerland , FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter football originated in Linzi wholesale world cup jerseys issued a " certificate of origin football ." FIFA Secretary General Julius Linz wrote: Because my name is Linz , so I football originated in Linzi more proud , thanks to China for the world to create a football !

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